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Zip Realty Residential Brokerage is looking for new and experienced real estate agents to join the company. We are looking for an experienced agent for a 4 star diamond resort in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Try to join our client's team as an agent in a first-class hotel and resort management company. The search is for employees with 5 or more in a four-star resort with a 4.5-star rating and hotels. We are looking for a team of 3-4 agents in a resort and hotel with 5-5 diamond rate, who are looking for a sales and marketing assistant and a sales manager.

Interns are assigned a manager who accompanies them through a variety of jobs and experience in the industry. The professional is responsible for carrying out professional assessments and assists individuals in securing competitive and community jobs by providing support and support throughout the programme and organising the necessary support for success. In addition to the support assistants available during this programme, the professional also works closely with the programme participants through recommendations made by the State Agency contracts. Assistance assistants provide support during the programmes and help with job placement.

A community resource specialist who provides guidance and support and serves as a positive role model for people with acquired brain injuries. Direct Support Professional provides guidance and support in developing solutions to identify problem areas that can be improved and improve outcomes for patients "health. As a community resource specialist with experience in the treatment of brain injuries and mental illness, Direct Support Professional also monitors, mentors and supports the identification and implementation of solutions that improve patient health, and provides advice and counseling in the form of training, mentoring and mentorship.

They will also receive support from nurses, case management and clinical professionals, as well as thorough and ongoing training. Provides education, support and positive role modelling for people with different developmental disorders and acquired brain injuries who live in their own homes.

If you need help at any time, please contact us at 1-866-743-5555 for more information. Apply online or by calling the store or in person at Cape Cod Community Health Center in Cambridge.

Apply with a signed application and submit a cover letter, a CV and a signed application. Apply to the Cape Cod Community Health Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Apply with an application signed by your employer, family member or employee. Submissions: Applications, applications or CVs can be sent to our office at 1-866-743-5555 or to the CapeCod Community Medical Center, Cambridge. Submit application letters and signed applications.

Applications and job descriptions for the city are available by phone 508 - 240 - 370 - 2415 or by e-mail or fax. Applications and job descriptions for the city are available through the Cape Cod Community Health Center office at 1-866-743-5555 or through our Cambridge, Massachusetts office, or by calling 506-239-3700 or 24 15 1515.

Note: Cape Cod Community College reserves the right to refuse employment opportunities posted to employers for any reason. Therefore, the Office encourages all parties to exercise discretion and sound judgment before concluding a working agreement. The Student Employment Service and Career Planning do not accept applications for jobs outside the normal recruitment process of the university, such as part-time or temporary positions.

Four Seas Ice Cream is looking for some energetic, hard-working people to join our team. If you think you have what it takes to work in a fast-paced environment and are interested in this position, please contact us. Maple and Mayflower are looking for a full-time, part-time or temporary job working in their facilities.

This position is a full-time, part-time or temporary job, depending on qualifications and experience. This position will be available for a minimum of two to three months, or a maximum of four to six months, depending on the qualification and / or experience, as stated in the job description on the company's website. The post may also be advertised for a limited number of temporary, full-time or part-time jobs based on qualifications, experience and / or ability to travel.

The third party provider must represent the specific employer that has concluded a contract with it and will disclose the name of the employer represented to the Office of Career Planning and Student Employment. The employer must provide 4CS staff with information about the student recruited through the Career Planning and Student Labour Office, including the job title, start date, weekly working time, salary and benefits. All policies apply, and the decision to extend or accept an offer of employment rests with the company or student in question, as do all decisions to extend or accept an offer of employment in accordance with the provisions of the U.S. Department of Labor.

The employer must provide all the necessary information for the job advertisement, such as the product or service, the title of the job, the start date, the weekly working time, salary and benefits, and the name of the employer.