Cape Cod Massachusetts Choice Hotel

For a safe and secluded summer season, we welcome guests to Cape Cod, Massachusetts, a small town in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean, at our luxurious, private and private resort.

Located at the entrance to Cape Cod National Seashore, you have access to all the attractions that CapeCod has to offer, from the most popular beaches in the world to a variety of restaurants, bars, hotels and attractions. Our convenient location in the middle of the Cape puts visitors within walking distance of many of our top-notch restaurants and hotels in Hyannis and Provincetown. Ocean Edge Resort was founded for families who seek social distance and still want to enjoy nature. It has been created as the backdrop for the ultimate summer camp at the Cape. Continuing the company's tradition of luxury hotels and upscale resorts in the Boston area, Cape Cod is our first location on the East Coast and we will open the OceanEdge Resort in 2018.

Using seasonal hotel deals can make your trip more affordable and fun, and there will be less traffic on the Sagamore - Bourne Bridge to celebrate real travel benefits at the Cape. Drew Noecker of HVS Brokerage Advisory can also talk about Cape Cod assets you might want to sell by 2020. For more information about CapeCod Connections and its travel options, please visit www.

We understand the importance of good accommodation and sincerely hope that our list of the best hotels in the chain will help you choose the hotels that best suit your needs. To help you decide where to stay during your winter vacation in Cape Cod, we have rounded up hotels that are open all or most of the winter season. Stay close to CapeCod Bay or check in to one of our exclusive, secluded resorts. Enjoy the beauty and charm of Capecod in summer, but stay close to the beautiful beaches and picturesque beaches in winter.

Not to be missed - close to the hotel are Cape Cod Bay, Boston Harbor and the south shore of Boston. Whether you are staying in CapeCod Bay or staying at one of our exclusive secluded resorts in Capecod Bay, our accommodations offer exceptional amenities.

Conveniently located, there is a restaurant with bar, a spa, an outdoor pool and an indoor / outdoor swimming pool with a ticket. Dog owners will appreciate our dog friendly facilities, such as a dog park, dog walker and dog walking, as well as dog parks for dogs and cats.

The length of the coast of Cape Cod National Seashore stretches majestically and is an unforgettable pleasure at this time of year. It is a great reminder of what the Cape is like when you walk on the beach, even if it is cloudy and rainy, and seeing the seals is one of those times when you feel you have no place.

Pets are welcome as long as they do not disturb other guests and their owners and dogs, as well as dogs, cats and dogs of all sizes.

Even the five-bedroom bathroom is relatively good value, with many offering views of Cape Cod Bay. Those who do not feel like sweating during their visit can do a lot on the beach and participate in various outdoor activities. Guests of the CapeCodder will particularly enjoy what they have at their disposal. The motel offers views of all of Cape Cod Bay and even Boston Harbor from the hotel balcony.

The Sea Crest Beach Hotel in Falmouth is still open, making it one of the most popular hotels on Cape Cod. This small but popular resort is located on the beach opposite Nantucket, just a few blocks from the Cape, overlooking Boston Harbor and the ocean.

Nantucket has a history of whaling, although tourism is the island's main source of income today. Hyanni is located just a stone's throw from Barnstaple, across the Cape, in the town of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

If you are traveling with a large group, Cape Cod Cottage can be an ideal base, and the Massachusetts coast attracts families. Hotel guests can take the Provincetown shuttle or choose from one of the many options at Hyanni Hyannis' Cape Cod Hotel. Whether you're looking for walks on the white sand or rocky beaches, there are plenty of family-friendly options on the Capes Cod peninsula in Massachusetts that can make parents and children happy. Hotel guests can choose between a full-service restaurant, a restaurant and bar or hotel room, and a wellness and fitness center.

Guests can also enjoy the private pool and spa at Hyanni Hyannis Cape Cod Cottage and the pool area.

With so much history to discover, Cape Cod has captured the hearts of visitors from the moment they arrive and you can imagine where the pilgrims landed on the shores of the United States of America. Provincetown is a must - destinations and families will find countless hotels that cater for the needs of entire groups. Couples will surely find the refuge of their new lover and with your travel style you will awaken many wonderful memories on CapeCod.

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More About Cape Cod