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As someone who has been to the property before, I can tell you what others have told me: it is not always a happy time when you are forced to change your holiday plans at the last minute. Every now and then I see a review of holidaymakers complaining about the fees and penalties levied for cancelling their reservation or shortening their stay.

Cape Codder is a full service resort ideal for families who want to spend an active, fun and fulfilling holiday. It is also a great place for couples to spend a romantic weekend, especially in low season.

The catering team can deliver everything from gilded dinners to hor d'oeuvres and even a full service restaurant. The four venues that can host weddings and events include the four main rooms, four private suites, two guest rooms and two suites in the hotel's pool.

The Quality Inn also offers a variety of on-site facilities that will satisfy even the most demanding guests. Guests also have access to the hotel's swimming pool, spa and fitness centre, as well as a full-service fitness centre.

The Holiday Inn is located on the way to one of the two main roads that leads from one end of Cape Cod to the other. To start your adventure in the area, there is more than just the hotel - explore the campus for fun. Conveniently located is the Shining Hill Trail, a 1000 foot trail with a variety of trails and trails for all ages.

Located at the gateway to Cape Cod National Seashore, you have access to all the attractions that CapeCod has to offer. Located between Hyannis and Provincetown, it is only a few miles from downtown Hyannis and you have a great view of most of what cod has in store for you at the Cape.

The hotel offers first-class services and facilities that give you an unparalleled sense of comfort. Rest assured that you will have a relaxed and stress-free stay - free stay here with all the amenities at your disposal at the Sheraton Hotel.

Cape Cod is a great choice of accommodations for tourists and business travelers alike when visiting Cape Cod. The hotel also caters to business travelers and there are a variety of restaurants, bars, hotels and other amenities at the Sheraton Hotel.

If you are interested in using the in-room hot tub, it is important to make sure you use the bar before making your reservation, as the number of seats in the hot tub is limited. There is no need to cancel after the allowed period, although you may have to cancel your stay, but rest assured that they will provide you with a hairdryer and a selection of toiletries.

Please note that some stores in New England had to close or relocate due to the weather. We understand that this is not a happy time for some, as the season is so short and night's sleep is a lost cause.

DoubleTree Hilton Cape Cod Hyannis is the perfect place to stay if you want to enjoy the sights and sounds of Hyannis. You can take the ferry to Marthaas Vineyard or sign up for a whale cruise once you arrive at the harbor. Must-see attractions near the hotel include the South Shore, Bay State Park and State House. Accommodation is available for $1,000 per night for two nights or $2,500 per week for three nights.

A free airport shuttle takes guests to the Hampton Inn & Suites, located on the right bank of the Mill Pond.

The Courtyard Bistro is open for breakfast and dinner and serves a range of hot and cold breakfast items. Don't go hungry, however, as the bistros in the Courtyard are open from breakfast to dinner and there are also vending machines with snacks and drinks. The gym offers free weights for morning workouts and the indoor and outdoor pools allow year-round swimming. There is a barrier-free ramp, the outdoor pool is equipped with an elevator and the heat allows you access to the wave pool, which is a zero entry pool.

The bathrooms have fold-out seats and behave well with handle - and - go, hand - adjustable shower bars and raised toilet seats. The bathroom has a folding seat, a shower with a large shower head and a small shower cabin.

The bathroom is equipped with a raised toilet, a lowered sink, a holding rail for shower, bathtub and toilet. The bathroom has folding seats, elevated toilets, a hand-adjustable shower bar, a lower washstand and a small shower stall.

The queen bed room on the first floor has a lowered bed and bedside table, a built-in hand-held shower rod and a small shower stall. The wheelchair accessible Fairfield Room has an elevated height and features an elevated toilet, elevated sink and elevated ceiling height for the bathroom.

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