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If you are on vacation on Cape Cod, you should know that there are more shops per square mile in the area than anywhere else, and the people of Mashpee can proudly call their own place their own downtown. Even in the warmer months, the beach - the sandy coast of the cape - conveys a sense of wilderness, remoteness and courtesy that is not usually associated with the developed parts. Although the golden beaches are the most popular tourist attraction on the southern shore of Massachusetts, 17th century pilgrims decided not to settle at the lower tip of CapeCod because they thought it was too sandy to support a settlement. As a result, Mashpee Commons quickly became a "Cape Cod destination," and today it is one of only a handful of Massachusetts towns whose residents can proudly call Mashpees their own.

By 2020, the mall will be surrounded by two shopping centers - one in Mashpee and one on the other side of Cape Cod Bay.

Along Route 6A, there are other shops, including the Cape Cod Antiques Market, Gatherings by the Sea in Dennis and a number of other local shops and restaurants. No matter what you need to buy, be sure to consider the critical role that local CapeCod stores play in the local economy. These shops are just some of the local shops that cover the main streets of Cape Cod. You will see some well-known local businesses as well as some lesser known shops, restaurants and specialty stores.

If you choose to head south to enter Cape Cod, there is a cluster of antique shops in the heart of Falmouth. Along Route 6A in Chatham you'll find a number of other local shops, restaurants and specialty stores, and you'll find something great at the South End Antiques Market and the New England Antique Market.

For visitors looking for unique gifts and souvenirs, this charming shop is a perfect stopover in Cape Cod. Women's, men's and children's clothing is sold in various styles and priced to suit the needs of the individual, with all proceeds going to CapeCod Hospital. The homeware side of the store is the best, and you'll find linens, carpets and glasses galore to add some cheap chic. Specializing in vintage clothing, accessories and accessories for men and women, as well as a wide range of household goods, you don't have to expect farm sale prices here.

The Mashpee is also home to one of Cape Cod's most popular restaurants, which offers a wide selection of seafood and a variety of wines, beers, wines and spirits for purchase. If you fancy a more decadent sip and snack, visit the CapeCod Winery and take a wine tour. Visit the JFK Museum on the corner of Main Street and Route 1 in Mashpee, Massachusetts to sample classic lobster rolls and admire the museum's extensive collection of artifacts and artefacts from the US Navy and the Revolutionary War.

For true JFK enthusiasts, a self-guided Kennedy Legacy Trail tour of Cape Cod will take you to some of the most important Kennedy sites in Hyannis and will take you to the Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, the John F. Kennedy Library and the JFK Museum. We head for West Yarmouth, a drive - the through road, which is a left-hand bend from Route 6A at Cummaquid, is a charming detour for people who want to delve deep into the feelings of Cape Cod. Simply Vintage CapeCod comes from the Antiques Centre in Yarmsouth, which has more than 100 dealers on site.

Dedham Mall is owned by Wilder Companies, which operates several shops in the area, including Loop in Methuen. Patriot Place is a popular destination on the south coast because unlike other successful shopping malls, this property combines shopping with experience, attractions and quality restaurants for 2018. It's an hour's drive away, but it has stiff competition, and it's a large area, with more than 1,000 square feet of retail space.

In fact, the area around the Bass River in South Yarmouth is home to a number of historic buildings, many of which are historic and good for many. Long periods of living go hand in hand with a good shopping experience, especially in the historic areas of the area.

If there are so many shops on the Cape and you don't see what you're looking for, just walk a few minutes to one of the many birds - related objects in the area. You can visit all the shops in Cape Cod to enrich your stay and take a piece of it home.

The Antiques Center of Cape Cod is a great base if you're looking for antique furniture, antiques, jewelry or other items of interest. A walk through a second-hand bookshop on CapeCod might give you an idea of what you might want to find, as well as a sense of the history and history of the area, along with a lot of information.

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