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The text on this weather page gives you an idea of how the weather forecast for Boston will develop over the next 10 days. Get the latest weather forecasts, including the latest National Weather Service forecasts in Boston, Cambridge and Cambridge, Mass., from Ayer, MA, forecasters say. On Wednesday, Massachusetts was the warmest, with snow and rain, with an average minimum temperature of 0 degrees Celsius. It fell to its lowest level since Wednesday night, the Massachusetts Department of the Environment (DEP) said.

See the weather in Ayer, Massachusetts, with live weather cameras on site or find Pittsfield in MA on the US Weather Network. Find the latest weather forecasts for Boston, Cambridge and Cambridge, Mass., from Yahoo Weather, view them on Yahoo News, and find the latest - until - the - weather forecast for Cambridge from the National Weather Service, find them in Boston from the Boston Weather Channel and Boston Public Radio.

We also have a map showing the waters around the Cape and islands, including the Atlantic, Cape Cod Bay and Bay of Fundy, which you can jump to in a separate table for each region of the state. You can jump to each of these points in separate tables for the region and state as well as for the entire state of Massachusetts on the National Weather Service.

We are based in Massachusetts and serve as the National Weather Service (NWS) in Boston, MA and the US Weather Network in New York City. We are forecasting the weather for the entire state of Massachusetts as well as parts of Rhode Island and Connecticut. Check out our website for weather forecasts for Cape Cod, New Hampshire, Maine and New Jersey and find us on Twitter at @ Boston _ MA _ US _ Weather Network.

Select Massachusetts Weather Averages for the average weather from this link and select "Massachusetts Weather Averages" from the list below. We also include weather reports for the current situation in the city of Massachusetts, which report the weather for the current state of that city. All temperatures are given in Fahrenheit (Celsius) and include latitude and long-term forecasts for Cape Cod, New Hampshire, Maine and Connecticut.

The climate of Cape Cod is also known for a delayed spring season and the fact that the sea stays cold in winter, but the summer heat is held back at sea. The weather in Cape Cod is usually more temperate than inland and more extreme than surrounding areas of New Hampshire, Maine and Connecticut due to the influence of the oceans. In the summer months of July and August, the temperature drops below the 22 degree Celsius threshold, while the warmest month of July has an average temperature of 72 degrees Celsius, or 22 degrees above sea level. However, temperatures fall below this threshold in mid-to-late winter and early spring during the winter months, so CapeCod has slightly warmer summer and fall weather than other coastal areas of Massachusetts, although its climate (-22.0 degrees Celsius) is usually more temperate than that inland.

The storm had cut off power to tens of thousands of residents of Cape Cod for two weeks, as well as the entire state of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine and Connecticut.

The anglers were after makerfish and kept schools of striped bass in the Cape Cod Canal, but most of them were freshwater trout fishing. We have numerous harbour and salt water streams and schools that hold bait fish and attract striped bass, and anglers are targeting macerals. In addition, many of the large, deep lakes and streams that form and remain on CapeCod as a result of the retreat of glaciers have been newly formed, so that many harbours, saltwater and schools of streams contain bait for fish.

The Elizabeth Islands are mostly privately owned, but Barnstable County also borders a number of private islands in the Atlantic, including Cape Cod Island, Cape Hatteras and the Isle of Wight, as well as largely private Elizabeth Island.

The canal cuts through about 11 km around the base of the peninsula and the area is part of a national park that includes much of the outer cape including the east coast. On the mainland side of this canal lies the Cape Cod National Wildlife Refuge, the largest of its kind in the United States.

Although Provincetown can have a crowded city - like the atmosphere during the summer season - the area is less populated than the rest of Cape Cod.

It is partly cloudy all year round and in Cape Cod the average temperature is 78 degrees. If you are looking for a very warm time to visit CapeCod, the hottest months are July, August and June. May, July And then Sept. The driest weather is said to be, while the winter is very cold, wet and extremely windy. In Hyannis, the summer is warm, humid and windy, but in winter it is cold and wet with a maximum of -40 degrees.

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